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Ever since I put the pieces together, noticing all operations and level 50 flashpoints revolve around them (maybe not doctor lorrick...) but now we've killed their dread guard (and oh boy, are they tough!) what do you expect for a tier 3 chaotic final boss fight? Be as creative as you like. There is 6 of them, so it be tough.

My personal idea: Infernal council on steroids. Everyone gets one to fight (exception for healers), each randomly changing targets, with debuffs to make you swap, frenzys, taunting players to make them attack them, teleporting with eachother, making you end up staring at a different one you were jus fighting, adds, DOTs, and they all must die within 5 seconds of eachother.

Chaotic, am I right?
Ooh! In WildStar, I get double jumps, path choices, and massive PvP!That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?

I will never take someone who says "EAware" seriously.