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Your ability does the damage shown - then the targets mitigate it to determine the damage taken. Different enemies have different defences, so the amount of damage they receive will vary. This is why you see Back Blast scoring less than it says on the tooltip. So will your other abilites.

Each damaging attack has its own characteristics too - kinetic (like Back Blast) and energy damage are mitigated by armour. Internal and elemental damage is not. The latter two types may do damage nearer to theur tooltip value as a result, if not mitigated by something other than armour.

Back Blast is a scoundrel's second hardest-hitting attack. The hardest is Shoot First - which is usable only from stealth, and grants a stack of Upper Hand. This sounds a bit like what you were proposing to do to Back Blast.

You only get a feel for how a class really works oncve you have all the abilities, and you may not get them all until level 50. Until you've tried it at that level for a bit, it's probably rash to propose changing the entire way the class works.

Playing scrapper is a (back) blast... have fun!
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