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Quote: Originally Posted by Missandei View Post
Full BM gear is cost 12475 commendation.
Average WZ will grant you 85 commendation (50% win-lose ratio)
12475/85 = 147 matches.
one match = ~12min + 2-3 min for Que to pop.. = 15min.

4 matches per hour.
Presumably you need sleep for at least 7 hours.
17*4 = 68 matches per day.
136 matches for 2 days without brakes for piss or eat..

You are a really devoted player.. lol..
But there is a lot of just normal people playing this game..
And that gets you to full BM.. which is enough to be a decent target for anyone wearing augmented war hero. This is the same problem that WoW had, where those with great armor could ignore everyone not in great armor. When a class can go 1v2 there is a problem. When a class is considered dead weight by everyone else...

Don't get me wrong, min/maxing is what makes the game fun for people who play lots... but the new player shouldn't be entirely useless for more than 200 matches to get some war hero armor.