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Amazing the inquiry is about resources being on spawn timers since they flooded us into servers like sardines and we get to talking about instances.

It seems that every area is now nearly ravaged and it seems that they want us to fight over resources like rabid dogs.
certainly takes any fun that might have been in crew skills and chucked it out the window.
I guess I have not been in the areas you're having issues with, because no matter where I go there are usually resources to be gathered. YES on occasion another player and I go after the same node, but in my experience this does not happen often.

If you recently were transferred from a low pop server, what you experienced was unusual; consider yourself lucky that you had the opportunity to "corner the market". Now that you are on a high pop server, welcome to what MMOs are normally like. I'm sorry you are upset by it, but there really is nothing wrong with the node spawn timers.