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I think the best way to do this would be the way you have your mission log. Have a little circle next to each one. Once the player decides they are done with that scematic....they can unclick the circle to hide it. Maybe have a tab on top of the scematics screen says all schematics and the other custom schematics or something like that.

What I'd like to see when I look at my schematic list (names obviously not accurate)

Expert Kill You Helm (lvl 49)
Expert Kill You Chest (lvl 49)
Expert Kill You Legs (lvl 49)
Expert Kill You Belt (lvl 49)
Expert Kill You Gauntlets (lvl 49)
Expert Kill You Boots (lvl 49)
Expert Kill You Bracers (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Helm (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Chest (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Legs (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Belt (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Gauntles (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Boots (lvl 49)
Veracity Protect Me Bracers (lvl 49)

Overkill Hurt you Chest (lvl 45)
Overkill Hurt you Legs (lvl 45)
Redoubt Defend Me Chest (lvl 45)
Redoubt Defend Me Legs (lvl 45)
Overkill Hurt You Helm (lvl 43)
Overkill Hurt You Boots (lvl 43)
Redoubt Defend Me Helm (lvl 43)
Redoubt Defend Me Boots (lvl 43)

Etc. I don't want to SEE any green I have the (correct) blue for. They shouldn't be anywhere on the list.
I don't want to SEE any of the blues I have the (correct) purple for. They shouldn't be anywhere on the list.
And I certainly don't want to see ANY of the WRONG blue/purples. They shouldn't be anywhere on the list. Finding out I misclicked in my hurry and made the redoubt offensive str earpiece, or the overkill defensive willpower ear piece is getting VERY annoying.

P.S. To be fair, level and difficulty *should* actually be pretty much the same sort. Problem is "difficulty" actually sorts by how much skill it gives you, and not actually the difficulty number.