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That's just it. he lost the saber part of the fight. But since he needed Anakin present he did not use his full Force power. Anakin had to be given that final shove to the Darkside. Palpatine could not give that shove if he went all apes#$@ crazy with his powers. Look how insane he was fighting Yoda in the Senate chamber. The man was clearly gone mentally lol.

I agree Windu won the saber fight, but he was sucked into a trap by Palpy, as was Anakin. If Annie wasn't on Coruscant at the time I think Palpy would have gone into full Force power mode, probably destroying his office with Windu.

We can go into more depth on this, I would welcome that. It would make for a good discussion. But is it possible to have that on the forums? lol
You are correct that Mace Windu was played. The duel was one by Windu, strictly from a Lightsaber perspective. Sidious believed that he could hold Mace off until Anakin arrived. Which he did, but not in the best way. By the time Anakin arrived, Sidious was about to be cut down. Perfect timing? Maybe. Perhaps Sidious felt Anakin's presence approaching and threw the duel. A good assumption, but ruled out by GL.

Anyway. Had Sidious fought Windu like he did Yoda, then he would have won. Mace would have put up a better fight though. Thanks to Vaapad of course.

I love a good debate, but we seem to have similar views of this so there is no point lol.
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