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First, if I get in a pug with some idiot dps who thinks they can tank, I let them. I sit back and lob ranged attacks waiting for those short-term defensive abilities to go on CD. Shortly afterwards, they die. This can go on until a) they learn b) another grp member schools them c) they quit.

I think one of the biggest reasons you see fluctuations in tank populations is that, except for assassin tanks that can put on dps gear, tank classes are BS in PvP. My passive migrations don't mean crap in PvP since most player attacks are tech / force damage that bypasses all my defenses. So, unless I want to throw dps gear on and play as a gimped second rate dps'er (as I'm not spec'ed for damage) playing a tank eliminates 50% of the game.

Of course while I think the PvP mechanics as it concerns tanks is BS, my solutions was just to roll a mara so I could PvP as desired. But not everyone wants or has the time to level multiple toons.

Just my thoughts
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