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For me it is without a shadow of a doubt, Marauders.
My general facepalm class is Assault VGs: almost every single one I happen to get into a group with is an FotM PvPer with no clue how to play the spec effectively for anything other than burst. After the first 6 seconds of any fight, I can almost guarantee that they're completely out of ammo and they've largely ignored everything but the elite they decided to blow their load on. After that, they're really just dead weight that eat up heals I'd like to have after eating the alpha strike because they decided to explode with burst DPS on a hard target when I'm busy trying to establish aggro on everything else.

Beyond that, a lot of it comes down to specs as opposed to classes themselves. When I see a Focus Guard or Sent, I'm gonna be a bit wary: they have a strong tendency to behave stupidly and break CC because they weren't paying attention and decided to drop Force Sweep on top of as many targets as possible even though both of the CCd elites are among those targets. If I see a Vigi Guard or a Combat/Watchman Sent, I don't worry any more than I do for any other class (I watch my random groupmates and what they're doing a lot to make sure they're playing properly; I can't count the number of times I've had to tell a DPS Shadow to stop spamming TkT or Shadow Strike or ask a Trooper or Smuggler why he has decided to spend all of his time with an empty resource bar even though it demolishes their resource regen).

In my experience, the worrisome specs are the ones that are popular and focused around PvP: many players jump into the FotM spec for PvP, see that they're dealing a lot of damage at the end of WZs and assume that the same playstyle and spec are going to be simply *amazing* for PvE content (I actually met someone that thought that the Shadow hybrid tank spec for PvP was a legitimate PvE DPS spec because, and I'm not kidding, he got better results on the damage charts in WZs compared to pure Inf or pure Balance which meant, to his addled mind, that it was the best PvE DPS spec). PvPers that come into PvE have no clue what they're doing and assume that whatever it is that they are doing is *entirely* appropriate, even if it's getting the group killed or pissing off everyone else.
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