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No one is surprised by this response....seems to be the stock standard answer to almost everything asked by us forum goers on any subject.

Why not just say your waiting to see how free to play affects server populations...I take it this is the real reason for the lack of any information. The higher ups at EA stating they expect F2P could bring in 10 to 50 million subs (LOL) so stuff the existing population over for all the potential new blood you may get. (Sony did this exact thing in Star Wars Galaxies with the NGE...doing over their existing player base for the potential new players they thought the changes would bring)

waiting to see what will happen with F2P I guess... so one more month or so to wait... Thanks a lot, do we get a month for free since right now we pretty much pay for nothing?

A broken game (thanks 1.4) and no players to play with... (remember what the MM means in MMORPG??)
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