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This sort of happended tome the other day. I just returned to the game and other day I did an EV raid. No loot rules were expressed when we started or when invited. I joined to get the feel of the game again. We got to the end and the raid speeder dropped. I didnt have it so i needed it. As soon as I won it 2 others sent me a tells saying everything is greeded out I cheated.

I told them nobody informed me and nothing was expressed when it dropped. The person who invited me didnt say anything about it was just the random pug invites didnt like it. They stated it common server rules all is greeded out unless it class armor need.

Umm is their some new server rule put inplace I dont know of?

It was an item i didnt have and could use. It's not my fault you didnt roll need and their were no loot rules stated upfront.
There's no server rule about needing on speeders. If you're not in a guild and nobody says anything in your PuG group, then you're not at fault at all. lol. Way I used to run it in my old guild was that if you had already gotten a speeder from a raid, you can't need on any other speeders that drop, even if it's a different one. They're vanity items, may as well give them to as many different people as possible.
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