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10.09.2012 , 01:02 PM | #17
As it has been mentioned here by multiple people and I agree with this as a tank myself, the DPS players who don't pay attention/reckless/hasty/etc is one of the most frustrating things for us.

As a side discussion what is the DPS class that when you get matched with that makes you cringe the most when you see it the group finder? Perhaps we can share some advice on how we should deal with these problem classes.

For me it is without a shadow of a doubt, Marauders. I lost count of how many Marauders I put on my ignore list after some horrid experiences with them. Granted I am a Jugg sitting 25K and at/near the soft caps for my defensive stats, so I can weather a lot of punishment even if the healer is having to heal the stupid Marauder, but the tendency for those guys to charge in before everyone else is recovering their health/resource after the pull that puts me over the edge.

My method of dealing with them is to:
1. Not Guard them.
2. If the healer is a friend/Guildmate, advise him/her to just let the Marauder die when they pull that crap