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10.09.2012 , 12:54 PM | #9
What worked for me: Built new battlestation with better specs, and put this game on an ssd.

PVP WZs - Often I'm 1st in and have to wait 10 secs for anyone else to finish loading in.
New planets - Loads smooth and faster than it used to, but still the loadbar pause about 30% in.
All other in-game loads - About 50% faster than last build, and loads are smooth, no hangups etc anymore.

Edit: Main specs for your reference.

Old - intel core2quad 3.0 ghz / New - intel i5 3.4 ghz ivy bridge
Old - ASUS p5qpro Turbo motherboard / New - Asus sabertooth z77
Old - 8 gigs ddr 2 ram / New - 8 gigs ddr 3
Old - TOR on a hard disk drive / New - TOR on a solid state drive