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Guild Info & Guidelines

SuckaFish is a PVE/Progression Guild focused on competing for server first kills and clears. We are a laid back group of individuals and we strive to maintain an environment that's loose and friendly. However, make no mistake about it, we are focused and persistent when it's time to tackle new PVE content.

8 Man Progression:
Explosive Conflict (Nightmare) - 4/4 (US 1st, Server 1st, World 4th)
Terror From Beyond (Hard) - 5/5 (Server 1st Empire, US 8th, World 15th)
Explosive Conflict (Hard) - 4/4
Karraga's Palace (Nightmare) - 5/5
Eternity Vault (Nightmare) - 5/5

16 Man Progression:
Terror From Beyond (Hard) - 5/5
The Nightmare Pilgrim - 1/1

Raid Schedule:
On non-progression content our schedule is Tuesday - Thursday from 6:30pm to 10:00pm Pacific.

When we are progressing through newly released content we have no set schedule. We start when the servers come up and we go until the new content is cleared or we achieve burn out, whichever comes first.

We are looking to fill immediate raid spots for 16 man content.

If you intend to apply you must be able to make 2 of the 3 non-progression raid times listed above. Availability for progression is a huge plus but not a requirement.

Furthermore, due to a general lack of rewards for clearing Tier 1 content weekly, we are only accepting individuals with an average gear rating of 140. This means that your main pieces must have at least Rakata level mods, armorings and enhancements.

We are accepting applications for all Advanced Classes. However, we are in particular need of the following:

Mercenary DPS
Operative Healer

If you are interested in joining please fill out an Application

Come and Enjoy the SWTOR End Game with us.
SuckaFish on The Bastion (Empire)
Tigg: Sorcerer (Corruption)
Officer/Raid Leader