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Also look at the bright side, when f2p comes you'll have a second chance to gear up your 50 painlessly.
...that is doubtful because F2p-eers will be allowed to do only one WZ per day..

Im not complaining about my experience.
I have full custom minmaxed WH augmented Shadow, Full BM aug maxed Jugg and half BM geared Gunslinger..
(I also have «chapter 3» vanguard, but i dont like the playstyle so he is left in mid 40`s.. )

What i say is that i can understand people who are become frustrated in 50lvl PvP...
The simple solution, that dont break any of the mechanics is to make WZ grouping PREFERABLY by Valor level.
So if it is alot of people queuing, make the groups the roughly same Valor tier..
If there is not enough ppl to make High Valor level group, only then groups have to be made as it now..
It is simple..
The Valor tiers should be:
1. 50-60 lvl
2. 60-100lvl.

upon reaching 60lvl you definitely will have the enough WZ coms to be full BM geared even if you lose all the matches...

Once again - my main argument is: If it is shameful to kill the 20-30lvl people on Tatoine with your 50lvl toon, why is it legit to kill Recruit geared people with your WH augmented one?
Missandei Shadow ...yet shadows can kill. And oft-times a very small man can cast a very large shadow.