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10.09.2012 , 12:37 PM | #19
It's 50/50 and we barely manage it but my group has been going with a do not fail strategy here.

The set up (Circle/Console):
Blue: (r)DPS / (m)DPS
Orange:Heals / (r/m)DPS (ranged DPS and healer could swap roles here if desired)
Purple: (r)DPS / Tank
Yellow:Heals / Tank

This set up will create these situations:
Blue: 2DPS on cores, 1 Healer healing, 1 Healer DPSing, 1 DPS on adds (from the circle), 2 tanks grabbing adds.
Orange: 3DPS on cores, 1 Healer on adds (from the circle), 1 Healer healing, 2 tanks grabbing adds.
Pruple: 3DPS on cores, 1 DPS on adds (from the circle), 1 Healer playing situationally (heal/DPS where needed the most), 1 Healer healing, 1 tank grabbing adds
Yellow: 4DPS on adds, 2 Healers healing, 1 tank tanking adds

Each phase consisted of Channeling the console immediately and killing one core. Before the first core drops, the channeler grabs sight of his colored sphere in preparation to kill it. Once the group swaps to the other core, the channeler kills his sphere and re-channels (if done correctly, he should be able to kill a sphere that's located directly next to the console). The dps hit the adds while running across and then destroy the second cube.

In the event that the timer is going to run out, we simply call out for cleaning up the adds before pushing phases. It's not required but occurs only when we are sloppy with any of the mechanics.