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What you say is true.
And yes i can imagine that there is people who play the game for 5-6 hours a day..
The point is that such a «maniacs» are minority. And swtor to be successful have to have a lot of casual players.
The «hardcore maniacs» subscriptions will not cover the expenses to run such a MMO game..

And what do we have with current PvP system? That being a usual casual player who can spend on game no more than 4-5 hrs a WEEK you are forced to suffer for over a month of misery as a fresh 50lvl player. So people are leaving this game. Read the statistics:
December, 2011 - 2,2mln subscribers
February, 2012 - 1.9mln
April, 2012 - 1.6mln
June, 2012 - 1.2mln
August, 2012 - 1.0mln
September, 2012 - 0.9mln
October 2012 - 0.64mln
How does someone get so confused... if you don't know something you can't just make it up and state it as fact.

Serious players are the majority in this game right now. You may not think they are in your mind... and I am not sure what can be done for this. Haven't all subscription mmo's started to shed casual subs at an alarming rate in recent times, so much that the market strategy is shifting to free to play? Ring a bell?

Which brings me to my second point. This game is going Free 2 play, where by definition the hardcore maniac players tend to pay for everyone else... and if bioware could get the serious players w/ out the freeloaders in this model, they definitely would..

Also i know everyone has stated this a million times in other threads, there is another reason you are getting beat though if you only play once a week. Its skill, this game may not have quite as high a cap as some, it is still substantial though.. Think about games that are completely balanced (no gear) say halo, or a typical fps or fighter, or guild wars, someone who plays daily will absolutely beat someone who plays casually. Am just saying people tend to blame gear in this game for some reason, logically speaking though if they removed geared new players will still get obliterated. I speak from experience here, i play guild wars fair gear pvp casually and regularly get obliterated by serious players.

Also look at the bright side, when f2p comes you'll have a second chance to gear up your 50 painlessly.
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