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10.09.2012 , 12:16 PM | #437
ok, been doing some thinking. I was running my own rp a few months ago that kinda died out due to lack of people. logan, you know the one I am refering to. Been thinking of restarting it, seeing as how these forums seem to be much more active now. basicly, it is a less combat orenented rp, based during the cold war period, where Zero and Mean have gone into deep cover on corusant. You can find my full detail explnation under the hidden aganda rp, think it is on page 2 of the forums. what I want to know is if you guys would be interested in such an rp. if I get enough intrest, I am going to reboot the rp. one thing, for simplicty's sake, this rp will not be in cannon with the mando break away, so none of our people will have ever seen one another.