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Dude it is pretty much obvious. Ranged classes don't have to run over to you every 12 seconds and lose precious DPS time, while melees had to. Btw nice tactic. My opinion still stands though.
You forget mDPS tend to bring much higher DPS anyway, so thats just only to even things. It doesnt make any difference

And what adv. class are u and what role? I really fail to understand why you persist on claiming the non existent difficutly of this instance.

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... Usually do this with a guild friend; we have taken to giving each other heart attacks in this fight. If playing my shadow I will wait to see if the Tank gets it until the last second. My friend playing a trooper healer will be freaking. If I am playing on my sawbones, he will do the same thing to me...
Made me laugh. Everytime you do this you lower your life expectancy by 2-3 months
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.