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The VIP section of the fleet is just ASKING to be a dueling area. Make it so!

1m credits and boom you can go upstairs and duel while waiting for things to happen. Fun fun fun.
Seriously... we were talking about this recently too. The VIP area is pretty much useless. No one is ever up there and they never added content to the vendors since... well.... ever....

At least I don't think so... I haven't been up there in months. But if there was a dueling area, I would be up there constantly. I think it would need some redesign tho. It would be too easy to knock someone off, even tho that could be a fun aspect and it would become a cluster 'muck' of people piled into one small area.

I'd like to see a quick loading area on fleet that has a observer area. So people can watch duels even if they don't participate. Multiple areas, an area that is on separate instances so you can load in as you please with anyone in group or guild and then some main dueling areas where you would actually have to queue to compete. Wait your turn and become the challenger and give it a competitive king of the hill of duels kinda feel.

Of course... just ideas. But this is what I would like to see.