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Hey everyone, I'm the guild liaison for Pax, and my in-game name is Bryson. I'm trying to set up a meeting with various guild leaders sometime in game. I'm not going to set a date yet bc I want to see who would show up and what would be the best time to show up. Any guild would be welcome to come, Republic or Imperial, big or small as well.

But things that I would like to bring up is the POT5 Chat in-game, setting up social events for our members on various dates, setting up some more frequent open world PvP events. And other thoughts or ideas that you guys might have as well. This meeting is not for telling people how to use their guilds by any stretch, or a ploy to gather up new members.

We are honestly trying to come up with ways of making the game more enjoyable for everyone's members. And give us something more to do besides warzones, raids, and dailies. If you're interested please just post your guild's name and website and a reasonable time of the day you can do the meeting. I plan on having the meeting sometime in November hopefully before f2p. Thanks for reading and see you guys in game.
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