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There are many, many good ideas on these forums that I wish the developers looked towards in the past for inspiration. And while overall, the balance seems to be getting further away from where we all wish it were it seems, at times there are moments when I get the feeling it's not all over yet and there may yet come fixes and balancing that would make it worth-while to stick around longer.

With that in mind I'll list 5 things that I believe would immensely improve the PvP experience and get people to come back, spend more time in WZs and level their alts for PvP.

1) Remove Recruit gear from the game. There is no need for this. The gear gap is too wide and spending time redesigning it is a wasted effort -- scrap it.

2) Hand out a full set of BM gear at 50, the way Recruit is handed out currently. PvP should be about competition and skill, not about a mindless grind that can take 2-3 months, more if you have an average lifestyle. The difference between BM and WH still rewards the player for actively PvPing by giving a few percent more in performance. In addition to that, most BM geared players won't be augmented any more until they get WH, so some gap will still be there.

In addition to this, add a hidden stat to all NEW PvP armor, starting with the new free BM sets: 50% reduction on bonus damage and healing (maybe even armor rating) in Operations and Flashpoints ONLY. You enter an ops or a fp with your new free shiny set of BM armor, your effectiveness is cut in half. However, it will still make you viable for doing lvl 50 dailies and other quest content. Or remove the damage and healing bonus completely in ops and fps, that armor should not be worn in there. Make sure everyone knows this happens via a pop-up window.

3) Implement a 1500 Ranked WZ Comms limit on all PvP gear, meaning those EWH weapons and offhands are now 1500 ranked comms. Regular WH weapons at 1k. ALL armor at 1.2k equally. All other accessories 1k even.

There is no reason anyone should spend more than 2-3 days on getting a single piece of PvP gear. If you think PvP is about the grind you don't get PvP.

4) Remove inventory caps on WZ comms limits. Remove them completely and start rewarding your PvPers for doing what they love, not punishing them for it by deciding when they can buy something or not. If one wished to PvP from level 10 all the way up to 50, and save up for a half of the WH set right at 50 -- why not allow them? They put the time and the effort in and should be rewarded by being competitive when they reach 50. Reward your players and they will reward you.

In fact, if you combine 3 and 4, you can remove ranked comms completely and revert everything back to just WZ comms with no cap limit. Simple and easy.

5) Fix the new 1.4 memory leak and increase WZ performance. Don't know how to help you here.

I think if you implement these changes as a set of improvements, you would truly bring back some of the lost PvPers and create a much more enjoyable experience for current and new customers. The gap between players would lessen a bit and PvP would become more competitive and strategy based, on a more consistent basis.

Players would also take the time to dust off and outfit most if not all of their alts, and while doing so would not only spend more time playing but would learn new classes better in PvP and increase the overall skill cap of the player base -- less crying, more knowledge, more quality PvP.

It may actually motivate players to create that new class they've always wanted to play at 50 but were not looking forward to the grind and massacre in order to get to that point.

I'm sure some will not agree, but please let's keep it civil and let us give some input for the devs -- perhaps they will listen to some of it.

TLDR -- don't be lazy; if you're not here to read, why are you here?
I enjoy the gear grind and I feel as a PvP player I am honing my character to a perfect killing machine of other players as I progress up the food chain.

If you get rid of PvP gear than all you would have is PVE dominating the boards.

I like PvP progression because there is a incentive of reaching max capacity. It does take skill to understand stats and become a better player through progression.

I don't understand why a few such as yourself feel you are entitled to come in a match and expect to dominate with such awesome skills you think you have. I have seen players rock the boards with little to nothing and its because they understand the game mechanics and its features.

I'll repeat this for you so you understand "It does not take that long to get full BM gear" and you can't teach stupid by dumbing the game down.

L2P and earn your keep.
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