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I agree with most of what you said, but not this.

I've healed LI many many times before 1.4 dropped. In most cases it was with a melee group. Every 12 seconds the melee would run to me, drop the energy coil and run back. I would side step just enough to overlap the coils, leaving plenty of room. The melee made sure to always attack from behind so that if someone missed an incinerate I only had to cleanse it off the tank.

This strategy was very straightforward to execute. Factually, it was simpler than the kite around the room strat we're running now after 1.4.

I brought two brand-new melee dps players through LI (shadow dps & guardian dps) before the 1.4 update. An explanation of the strat, one wipe due to juggling the mechanics, followed by a successful attempt on the second try.

These two players were recent level 50s, has a few pieces of columi and had never passed LR-5 before. The reason they passed this time is we had a good strat, explained it well, and they knew how to listen. This wouldn't be the case if the encounter blatantly favored ranged over melee.
Dude it is pretty much obvious. Ranged classes don't have to run over to you every 12 seconds and lose precious DPS time, while melees had to. Btw nice tactic. My opinion still stands though.
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