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10.09.2012 , 10:15 AM | #7
Dominion, They didn't pay attention to my warnings on the PTS in the PTS forums. They didn't pay attention to my bug reports both on the PTS, nor on live, and didn't pay attention to any of the other 10 threads we've made regarding the exact issues you mentioned.

Sadly, while I know we don't get along, but i think we can both agree something is definately off. However, given you tend to run more or less at the same level as i, i do have to ask if you noticed from reading the actual parses, that it's the second mainhand shot of unload that is not receiving the correct damage modifications as the 1st and 3rd.

Accuracy definately appears to have an issue, as while none of my tech attacks miss, at 98.35 i actually have had MH Unload shots miss on both trash and boss fights.

Due to overall bugginess as previously mentioned, i fear i cannot obtain any sort of an accurate count to the affect on my overall dps. As mentioned, with the railshot issue to both damage and not being a "free" ability, and the resulting heat issue, it's exceedingly difficult to fall into any sort of a sustainable rotation without the extreme use of rapid shots. The pure randomness really mucks of the parses.