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I am Infiltration shadow, there is no showing off with that class. That is one of my reasons for thinking LI HM has always been easy, if I can do it with that spec and my lack of skill everyone should be able to do it. I do however know my abilities.
No just because you can do it doesn't mean everyone can. LI HM was never meant as an easy flashpoint. People who say they are easy are the ones who got pretty good at tactic execution and doesn't spend so much time in Pugs with people who actually don't have spotless mechanic execution skills. Also there are a lot of people who overgear the content and think it's easy, this is not true. In fact it still is not an easy flashpoint for those groups with Columi gear (albeit easier now than pre 1.4)

I too enjoyed the challenge pre-1.4 HM LI gave me as a tank. It could sometimes be frustrating experience with people who do not fully grasp how fights work, but the end satisfaction was a nice feeling. But I never ever once thought that the challenge is fair to everyone. The Mechanics blatantly favored some classes over others. This does not mean it's not doable, but it does mean it was more challenging with other class setups.
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