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Juggernauts do have a hard time holding agro. Their DPS (and TPS) ceiling is the lowest of the three tanks by a fair margin. Additionally, they lack the tools necessary to build threat from a 10 meter range, and so kiting is immensely difficult for them.

In trade though, they get the best "panic button" cooldowns in the game. A juggernaut can press a pair of buttons and be literally invincible for 12 seconds. Unfortunately, they can only do this once every 3 minutes, so the utility is somewhat reduced. Juggernauts also have very even mitigation. Their different statistical cases are all within a few percent of each other, so they take damage very steadily (modulo their self-heal, which is somewhat spiky).

Assassin tanks are, in many ways, the opposite. Assassins have the highest DPS (and TPS) ceiling of the three tanks, though they aren't *that* far ahead of Powertechs. They have a tremendous number of tools at their disposal which allow them to be extremely strong in a wide variety of scenarios. However, using those tools requires very precise timing and understanding of boss mechanics. A lot of the skill in playing an assassin tank at a high level is in understanding how your abilities interact with boss swing timers, knockbacks, movement phases, etc.

Assassins have very strong utility cooldowns on short timers, but they're hard to use properly as they are damage-type dependent. Assassins have extremely spiky mitigation, where the common case is quite good, the uncommon case is spectacular, and the slightly-less common case is abysmal. Overall, their survivability is the highest of the three tanks by a hair (when fully statted and min-maxed), but their effective HP is well below that of a Powertech (and only slightly above a Juggernaut).

Overall, I like my shadow tank a *lot*, and wouldn't trade him for any other class. It's not an easy tank to play well though. I spend a lot of time working on deeply understanding boss mechanics, thinking about ideal cooldown timings, and just watching my priority queue. This effort really pays off, but it does have a tendency to get a bit distracting. In the times where I have to direct the group or correct errors during a fight, I very rapidly degrade into the worst possible tank as my rotation flounders and I miss my timings.

If you want a class with an incredibly high skill ceiling, pick assassin. Juggernauts aren't bad as far as the skill ceiling goes, but assassins are really outstanding as long as you put in the effort to master the class.
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