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To simply forget about a whole region of paying customers is pathetic. The longer this situation progresses, the more the population bleeds, more people unsubscribe, and more bad rep is directed at this game. Bioware / EA really needs to pull there finger out if they think F2P will bring people to this game, because up until now, there is a steady decline in customers satisfaction with how the game is being managed.
Just wanna echo this sentiment. Every day that goes by, more and more people are just stopping logging in and starting to unsub. No reason to log in, no one is around to play with. Pvp queues getting longer, and now can only pvp during a limited few hours of the day before it's done. F2P isn't going to bring these people back, and given that it's already been stated that F2P players will have limited access to things like WZs per week, it still limits the amount of people paying subscribers have to do things with.

People would log in and support this game more if they knew there was going to be a decent population of people to play with that day, and if the oceanic community didn't constantly feel forgotten about by BW/EA. Oceanic players already tolerate far more than any other region with the weekly maintenences always in our primetime, and extended patches eliminating an entire day of playtime fairly often. We are repaid for our loyalty by being continually snubbed for equal services that the other regions get. While they have gotten merged (NA servers got merged TWICE!) to make sure they have enough population, we aren't even told if we will ever be provided with such a service.

It's exhausting to constantly get forgotten about. It doesn't even seem to me like BW/EA cares at all whether or not we stay subbed, and that's a shame. Just because we have a smaller population doesn't mean we are worthless as customers. Stop putting this off, stop having a "wait and see" attitude while more and more people leave the game. We've waited far longer than the other regions, and we deserve to have this be a priority issue.
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