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I will say it again, mDPS was easy before or after 1.4 provide the player knew his/her abilities. Any fight in the game can be done with either mDPS or rDPS, just as easily if both groups know their abilities and knows living average DPS is better than the greatest dead DPS. Too often as a healer I see dps (both rdps and mdps) stand in AOE or not use defensive cooldowns because they seem to think that will significantly lower their dps number. Up until now I never understood that play style, but I am leveling a knight now and that leaping from mob to mob annihilating everything is darn addictive, but it does not translate to group play.

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We wiped just 2 weeks ago from Malgus channeling, "Unlimited Power" in FE. I think exactly due to that arrogance. I dont know how much damage that attack deals but it gotta be massive because we wiped immediately despite our fancy gear. haha It was a really nice experience actually, cause we were so excessively confident we didnt even have a tank due to our gear, 3 dps and 1 healer to speed things up. They say pride comes before a fall. Agreed!
Yeah not interrupting that is pretty much the only way to wipe in FE anymore. It has such a long casting time it is almost impossible to miss, but I have seen many tanks just ignore it in pugs. Usually do this with a guild friend; we have taken to giving each other heart attacks in this fight. If playing my shadow I will wait to see if the Tank gets it until the last second. My friend playing a trooper healer will be freaking. If I am playing on my sawbones, he will do the same thing to me. Surprise how often we do this, because when my same friend is playing his shadow tank you hardly ever even see the cast bar, he hit interrupt when the animation first starts.