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I have to agree with everyone! The progression is broken and needs some tweaking by BW folks. Knee jerk reactions seem to be a BW common mistake to over corect things - Like the gear chase to have BiS1) I'd like to see a full BIOWARE team run SM EC/TFB in Full Columi. (I'd like to see a video). SM EC maybe now, but SM TFB? Doubt you would make it past the 2nd Boss with that group. (could be wrong)

Doing the math (with AskMrRobot > Gear Config > Simulation Tool > Max DPS) I'm not seeing how you can beat enrage timers on several Bosses without computer macros/efficiency.

Don't get me wrong, my math might be off here. Try this: Take a FULL Columi ALT to the OPS test dummy and pull down your average DPS. Repeat for every one of the Team members (Classes on OP) and do same. Example: My BH/Camp Geared ALT is capable of ~1500 DPS on paper, but only pulling ~1,200 on Dummy and more like ~1000 on actual OPS.
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2) Great.. so NMM should be seeing BH Comms again? (Since HM drops BH and NMM used to)
3) Okay! So you replaced BH Comm's with Materials to allow us to craft instead?
4) So Group Finder other SM's so we can get 5 BH comm's for doing all four SM's.
5) Why? I find it hard to believe you can't setup a 2nd set instead of replacing (Call Tier 2 like Lost Island row)


A) Put back two (2) BH Comms (small amount) in SM EC since it's been nerfed. I think 2 BH Per chest would be appropriate amout to keep those more "HM" based players jumping into SM versions to help others. Let's be honest, the whole "Columi" config is a load of crap and anyone that plays the game knows this.

B) Add as well to SM TFB - I'm thinking on the bosses (mini) would be fine since not that many chests exist. Again I think 2 BH Comm's would do the trick for the same reasons.
Are you testing BiS Columi with full augments? My guild cleared HM TFB but we're BiS Campaign/BH with full augments. If you're complaining that fresh Columi can't do it, then you're not hitting your max potential with Columi gear. BW did say in full Columi, but that doesn't mean you can't assume they meant "Fresh Columi, no Augments". I know there was a dev who said before 1.4 came out (this was actually around the time that full augments on everything came out) that right now HM EC and such isn't balanced around full augments so people with full augs are going to have an easier time, BUT future operations will be balanced assuming full augments.

Also, certain group make-ups always make things easier. One sorc/sage with Healing Pool helps tremendously in 8-mans. Having 2 much melee is a problem. Those same problems exist in both HM and SM.

Are you sure you're optimizing your performance with full Columi?

However, I'm fine with them making SM EC and SM TFB easier for people who just want to see the content. If you want the best gear though, you gotta do it the right way and do HM Ops. Simple as that.