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This explains pretty well and makes sense.

From this thread
I disagree with that quote. Man says that they'd have to create hood down variants... But they already exist. They were all created and are somewhere out there. There is a lot of evidence for that (

While we understand at this stage, that hood toggle can be beyond their abilities to implement, making hood-down versions of items is easily achievable. Because they are already out there and nobody has to create new models and skins. Datamining can even find you some hood down robes. If you'd hack the game, like Catch did in order to get the white crystal, I am sure you'd be able to get yourself a hood down robe for a Jedi.

Here. Find me a difference apart from textures and hood up:

Solution to the entire hood toggle issue is here:

Give two variations of each chestpiece. It's so simple!

Somebody tell me what this is?