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I find it annoying when people are selling lowbie mats for outrageous prices. Yes I understand that its supply and demand. But I see common level 2 go for 2.5cu in stacks of 50!! You may as well not even list stuff because other crafters can't buy it and make a profit off the things they sell. I'll just not craft that item today and we both lose out on profits. Lower the price and it would all sell...

Level 2 commons for 2.5cu and level 3 commons for 5cu!!!!! This is not an overall example of the entire server economy. Its just an example of crazy pricing by a few low rent gatherers who are a little too ambitious...
They're obviously making money. People love crafting, and twinking their lowbie alts. Hence, high level players with cash buy low level materials at high prices. There are ways to make money consistently on crafting but buying materials on GTN to craft is not it, unless you scour GTN reguarly for people selling at default price. In fact, you can make more money farming low and mid level materials than fron doing dailies, if you can put up with the tedium,
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