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10.09.2012 , 06:37 AM | #13
Random groups can be terrifing , I hate it the most when dps starts the fight and/or they don't care about cc. I have played powertech and jugg to 50 now I m lvling a shadow reached 30 all tanks its just my favorite role, its my way of looking after the team. And not just us tanks have issues with dps 2 days ago just queued for my daily and I had the luck to ran into the most rude dps yet, he wasn't waiting for us between fights and he was talking trash to the healer who was a girl because she was low on force(sage) but the di*khead wouldn't let her recover between fights, we kicked him ofc but the sh*t that guy wrote to the poor girl who was just there to enjoy the game disgusted me, she was actually good after we replaced that dps we never wiped seems some ppl turn off their brain when they play dps, then they'll start talking how their hardcore raiders....every dps you meet they will tell you that they are top dmg