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Firestorm will be hosting a war on ilum. I have not set a date yet however im thinking either Sat the 10/20 or Friday the 10/26. I will have more details later with an official post but wanted to get some ideas first and gauge the interest level. Also looking for some of the larger IMP guilds to help coordinate with for there side of things.......I know the imps usually have a good showing but still. Feel free to respond here or hit me up in game sometime or visit our website and msg me there.
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Actually, I'm glad you are hosting this on Saturday. I need another week to put together the monthly schedule for the World PvP Events on Saturday nights. So this will give everyone another option. Count me in, I'll be there. Just give a time. I'll try and get all of War-Machine off their butts and pull them together to show our support!
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