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Don't go in with 2 melee dps ?!? Would you please enlighten us how exactly your two melee dps affect tank damage on the 1st boss ?

The droid and last boss can be a bit harder with melee in .. but an unaware ranged can cause just as much trouble as a melee.

Please do not spread misleading information. ( btw. my main is a tank + alt healers )

But anyway ... a lot of people have outgeared t1 flashpoints by far now and the mechanics can be completely ignored. In LI HM you can be BiS and still die stupidly on Sav Rak for example , boss design is more deadly than some of the old ops bosses, and definitely a step forward, I hope we get more of this soon.
I agree and i must add that NO fp,raid or whatever should have class restrains.if u cannot complete it with 2 melee then
1 the instances is bad designed (a fix is needed then)
2 U need to do more effort to complete it
but i agree that it is a lot harder for the healer with 2 melee, but it is doable.
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