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Thanks for the reply Thierry. If what you wrote is even remotely true, then perhaps Backblast is deserving of a buff when used as an "opener" while coming out of stealth. I mean, the attack sounds devastating, it looks like it should be hitting for devastating dmg, but as you describe how it's dmg is applied - is really mediocre. I understand the mitigation concept but the way you imply that it's applied in SWTOR would suggest that tootltips should be adjusted to reflect what is actually being put out.

What's the point of even keeping track of min-max if it really doesn't apply to what you're doing? The way it SHOULD work is --

1. Cloaked players should automatically be granted 1 stack of Upper Hand. Using the increased cloak ability should give them another stack, for maximum UH stacks. Or make it a timed buff, say -- 1 stack on cloak, another stack after 6 seconds in stealth, 2 stacks maximum.

a.) Each stack of Upper Hand should grant 50% chance to critically hit your opponent.
b.) Players should be debuffed upon expending their Upper Hand stacks via "cloaked Back Blast", with a lockout to stacks of Upper Hand. Call it something like "Overload" or something.
c.In addition to its regular function, Cool Head should remove said debuff.

2. Weak opponents should be hit consistently at the top end of the min-max spectrum, with crits more likely to occur on grey/ green targeted NPC's.

a.) "Normal" enemies should be hit for in between the min-max values of the attack, excluding criticals. Point blank period.
b.) Strong/Elite/Champions should be harder to crit with the ability and take less dmg than usual, as is expected.

What should NOT happen is what i'm experiencing... No matter what level of the enemy I face, whether pve or pvp, the ability does significantly less damage than what is shown on the tool tip. It doesn't make any sense from a strictly informational perspective, for min-max values to be there if the "actual" damage is NOWHERE in the same ballpark as the "anticipated" damage.

What i'm saying is...Make it make sense.