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Even the devs said LI HM before the nerf could be done with full tionese, and i did tank this stuff with full tionese. But the gear that drops there was not worth the hassle of going in there with a pug group, so its better they nerfed it.
I totally agree HM LI was never worth doing in a pug group, even now its not worth it. I totally love running LI, its even been said by friends that I've probably ran it more than anyone else on our server (I heal it on 2 healers, tank it on my shadow and dps it on my sentinel). Yet I'd never do it as part of a GF random, I like at least 1 other person along who understands the mechanics, if not 2, plus teamspeak.

As for the nerfs.. I miss old HM LI, too much is easy mode nowadays in MMO's.
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