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@elliotcat Aw. Hell. Yeah. I love it.

And it's a welcome upper, because I'm stupidly depressed lately. I spent a whole cross-country flight racking my brains for some Good Memories to chase away the recent grimdark. Here are the resulting shorts:

First up, speaking of Vierce whiplash, here's something happier from his brother Kirsk's perspective. Good Memories: Drama Queen's Triumph, Kirsk's POV, 350 words, no spoilers.


Smuggler Nic, no spoilers. She's talking to one lover or another. 80 words.


Then Wynston, Rylon, and Quinn, Good Memories: Our Lady of Never Tell Me the Odds. 300 words, no game spoilers, circa 29 ATC. Spoilers for the end state of Ruth Means Compassion.


Finally, Ruth and Colran Niral, circa 6 ATC, 150 words, no spoilers.

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