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Ich sehe das genauso wie die Realisten hier... F2P der große Retter?
Grins, im Leben nicht - und wieso?
Hier mal ein Auszug aus einem englischen Blog, besser könnte ich es nicht beschreiben:

The Free-To-Play MMO
Let’s be honest, right now free-to-play genre is an MMO graveyard. It’s where games that weren’t good enough to start with go to die.

No one wanted to pay a monthly fee to play your game? Make it free-to-play! That will bring everyone in, right?

Wrong. You see, there are two problems with this. First of all, your game wasn’t good in the first place; if people aren’t going to pay monthly for it, they most likely won’t stay after they play it for free. The second issue is that no one game that has gone from paid to free has actually done it well. They flood players with annoying messages about what they’re missing if they don’t pay, and they take away certain content unless players pay for it–they basically don’t let anyone play the game for free. Good work! So, not only do you have a bad game, but you have a bad game that I can’t even try out with getting annoyed by its limitations. Your game will fail.

Then there are the games that release free to play. Although the business model for a game designed to be free-to-play should be better than a game that goes F2P to die, it never is. Players are always limited or annoyed by these games’ constant begging for money. Guess what? People aren’t going to put up with that ****, even if it is free.

Sorry, your free-to-play MMO is going to fail.
/Ironie on

Obwohl F2P ja so spektakulär zum scheitern verurteilt ist, wird bei Lord of the Rings (trotz F2P) bald ein ganzes Add-On erscheinen.

Schließlich sind Programmierer ja auch irgendwie Künstler und müssen nicht zwangsmäßig an unserer monetären Welt teilnehmen.

Luft & Liebe sind völlig ausreichend und kommen vor Wirtschaftlichkeit.

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