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Considering the fact a hefty chunk of the "problems" concerning PvP is also with the players themselves, it is surprising to see none of the solutions mention the prime rule of PvP - "Stop whining. Learn to play."

Yes, SWTOR PvP has problems -- but then again so does every game out there to varying degrees. Besides, the largest, most serious problems that does not concern the player base is something which would be solved in due time -- ie; new maps, scenario PvPs, etc.. Bugs are also grinded out in time, although ironically (usually being low on the priority list) petty bugs tend to persist a long time -- which is also a common thing to see in many games.

Other than this, every thing else these people bring up in this forum is whine upon whine upon whine upon whine, about things and situations which should be rectified by the player themselves.

You could give them the most perfect PvP game, and people will still whine if they lose.
Ofcourse, it's never their own fault.
It's always someone else's, some other classes', some stupid system's, the game's fault.

With this kind of mindset, there ain't no way PvP gets any better. Anything that brings people to the painful realization to the fact that most of common players are simply scrubs, and they are part of those scrubs as well, they will simply choose to deny it and find some excuse to explain why the game is faulty.

These types of people, IMO, should not be PvPing in the first place. It's the horde of those people that started mouthing off the negative hype -- which ultimately hurt the game and its community.
"To everything, there is a first step. The first steps in becoming better at PvP, is to acknowledge the fact that you totally suck. There's no shame in this -- even the greatest of players have been there, done that.
Stop complaining. Ask more questions. People are happy to help."