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Mara: Luc, B-ry and Davito
DPS Juggernaut: Novarine, (edited)
Tank Juggernaut: Nerdrage these 2 jugs gave them a spot each i think this is still right)
Heal Sorcerer: Blood lotus, Forbearance
DPS Sorcerer: My Lord
DPS Assasin: Rendevouz
Tank Assasin: Miike when he still played (He is my Idol)
DPS Ops: Hitgirl , also Hit
Heal Ops: Primate/Unfit/Community
Sniper: Unsure
DPS Merc: Grizzy
Heal Merc: Zirk
Pyrotech: Koozie/Ward

Sorry I know there are a lot of good players that i have missed probably better then some of the ones i have mentioned.. But this is going of current players and extreme standouts from my memories.. also respect to ceartain players i couldnt remember what class you played.. (Midian, Offline)

Dont know may Repub players but here it goes

Sentinel: First, Darkhat # Respect
DPS Guardian:Glowing rage
Tank Guardian:
Heal Sage:Take your meds
DPS Sage:
DPS Shadow:
Tank Shadow: Qar
DPS Scoundrel:
Heal Scoundrel: Celestiny
Heal Commando: BobCow again outstanding player # Respect
DPS Commando:

This list is not complete by any means and i dont pay attention to a lot of Repub players but i have a lot of respect and fear for the players mentioned (sorry about spelling)

Edited due to more thought.
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