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It's SWTOR PVP on a PVE server.

There are 2 kinds of players on JC. Super casuals that don't give a crap and desperate fat kids who aren't talented enough to PVP in a more competitive situation (a more difficult game, a sport, a pvp server, etc).

I think we know which type this thread was started by and we also know that the first group won't read thsi thread.
seriously how many morons are on this server. Warzone pvp skill has nothing, I repeat nothing to do with pvp servers. And being on a pvp server has nothing to do with warzone skill. PVP servers are for people who like fighting other people in the open world. OWPVP skill has no correlation to warzone skill. Alot of very skilled warzone players roll PVE servers because they like to level in peace. This assumption that us being on a pVE server mean we cant possible be good at PVP warzones is the most ignorant comment on these forums.