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You people are hopeless. Development folks aren't there to make you happy. In its current circumstances, BioWare is assessing what will keep SWTOR going, and selling armor shells is likely one of many ways to do so.
LOL, aranav, get a clue. A gaming company is a business and the players are customers. Business is all about making money, so it is always good business to make your customers happy so they will continue to pay for your product; to do otherwise is just stupid. Therefore, everyone who works for the gaming company is there to make us happy.

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Assuming what you are looking for is in boxes before the cash shop is even launched is a poor attitude, not to mentioned a misinformed one.
Again, aranav, get a clue. Go read the reply to this thread from AllisonBerryman and pay particular attention to the last paragraph. The gear she is referring to is the gear I'm talking about.