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LOL. "Stuck.".

You have this inflated opinion of your own "skills", and you blame your class. Here's an idea: stop waiting for Bioware to help you teach us a life lesson. Roll a fotm class and show us just how great you really are.

Think you're in for a rude awakening.
i like that, they sit here and complain about the class for months, telling us how bad the class is etc yet they still continue to play it. If your unhappy with it just reroll another class, its that simple and then we dont have to see thread after thread about Merc/commando's.

On another note, BioWare have not been replying to PVP threads just as they dont reply to class forum and even the PTS forum threads, they are not going to change the class anytime soo just for the PVPer's, either reroll or learn to live with the class.
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