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This was today, now stop making assumptions, the class if freaking bad.

I would have doubled my score if I was playing as a Sniper/PT/Mara but instead I'm stuck with a class that can't defend himself ALONE against equally skilled & geared Sentinels, Juggernauts, Scoundrels, Snipers, Powertechs, Assassins, and, hell, even Sorcerers.

But you know what? Those classes I mentiond above? They can do that, so what do you bring on the table for your team in the end? Nothing, you're a liability, a free kill, you can shoot from 30m? lmao, once you get targeted doesn't matter if you're 30 meters or 100 meters, you're dead because you can't do anything to save yourself.

Crosservers WZ NOW, I really want these guys to learn a life lesson.
My only assumption is that you don't like that class. I have played the other classes too. I like Commando because it fits me and my play style. I think it is good for its role. It is not good for 1 v 1 and for me that is a challenge. But I am not a dueler or solo player. For me the team aspect is what makes PvP fun.
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