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All I heard is a bunch of suggestions that don't address the fundamental problems:
  1. This is an MMO Based on gear progression
  2. This is an MMO that is dying because of lack of progression when you finally max-out
  3. This is an MMO where the PvP consists of 4 maps played out to death over its 10 month lifetime.

The issue with recruit is not the damage but survivability (see points 1 and 2), and evidence suggesting that recruits can deal damage if they save commendations for 1-3 BM/WH pieces as soon as they hit 50.

The issue with survivability is really simple to solve. 95% of people in recruit gear:
  1. Dont have or use warzone medpacks
  2. Dont have or use warzone adrenals

The latter providing damage mitigation and the former healing a decent chunk of health. Heck, 95% of Battlemaster geared players don't use them either. The only population of people who are most likely to use warzone consumables are the fully decked out war-hero players. They have the excess commendations to spend, or aren't spending tons of credits on:
  • Augmentation Kits
  • Augments
  • PvE 26 and 27 armorings
  • Ripping out mods

That is where the significant gap is. New players aren't awarded enough credits or commendations to support using warzone consumables which heals my characters for 6K health, or a 15% damage reduction which is greater than the difference in damage reduction between WH and recruit gear.

The proposal is simple, and will kill multiple birds with one stone:

The loosing team in a Warzone match is awarded:
  • 80 Warzone commendations (+ vote earned commendations)
  • 10 Warzone medpacks (you can use at most 10 in a 15 minute match)
  • 5 Warzone Adrenals (you can use at most 5 in a 15 minute match)

This will:
  1. Lower the gap between recruit and WH in a way that wont break the lifeline that the TOR-tanic is clinging to (gear progression)
  2. Reduce the number of warzone quitters because they wont feel like they're receiving a negative investment on their consumables

This proposal does not solve the problem. But merely mitigate it without sinking the TOR-tanic in one fell swoop.