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I think the only reason there are new tiers of PvP gear is simply to avoid the point in time where PvE gear does eventually become better than PvP gear. Theoretically, if you keep introducing new tiers of PvE gear, there will eventually be a time where it breaks even with the penalty for no expertise. I'm not going to say that is going to occur at any time in the future, but I suspect that's where Bioware was going when they aimed to separate PvE and PvP gear with a stat like Expertise.

So for that reason, if you have only two tiers of gear in PvP and continue to add new tiers of PvE, there is going to need to be some consideration for what happens with the later tiers on operation gear. There are obviously ways to fix this, like putting higher emphasis on Expertise when we finally reach that bridge (do something like 1.2 and implement a new Expertise curve if we start having such problems).

Beyond that, I agree with you. I prefer skill-based PvP over gear-based PvP every day of the week. If you aren't going to stop adding tiers of PvP gear, at the very least matchmaking should try and keep you against others at your effective level. It just doesn't make sense, because it puts you at unnecessary disadvantage. For anyone that actually enjoys competition (and not just ganking people), that should make sense. It's not a challenge to defeat someone two tiers beneath you. It's actually pretty funny when someone upsets the War Hero, but that's usually that player outperforming their gear (and is a sign of things to come).
Very true man, and I had that in mind but did not want to make the long reply any longer.

I was thinking they could write a script that could upgrade all PvP gear stats by a percentage. Meaning for the gear to remain competitive and not get outshined by raid gear, every once in a while they'd run the script and upgrade ALL stats on it by say 10% -- AR, main stats and endurance, secondary stats, everything gets a percentage boost, expertise stats even. Patch it when you introduce a new tier of PvE gear.

Do this to both the BM tier and the WH tier. Now there are still only 2 tiers but the highest tier is on par with the highest tier of PvE gear.

I don't know whether this is easy to do or not, but it could definitely be made to work.
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