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It is absolutely fits the overall concept of the EA/BW management...
Yup, such a game with such a bugs must not be permitted to have other PvP than we have now..

Like when one geared Operative can easily outheal 2 people ganking him..

Well those two people are terrible then

Like when i (as full aug WH minmaxed ShadowTank) go for mid in Alderaan with geared healer and we managed to outlive the 5(!) attackers, killing 3 of them and would easily kill all of them by ourselves if some Sentinel wont spoil the «fun», joining the party and killing the rest of them..

What? Out strating baddies is op'ed? I guess guard+taunt+self heals+healer that can stay mobile+HOT's+ defensive cd's= op'ed huh? People don't know how to split their dps or just CC the tank down and pull the healer out of guard range is op'ed huh?

Like when my fresh 50lvl Gunslinger cant bring down almost any WH geared foe.. To suffer from 5k+ hits having 15K health is another fun story..

Oh noes I didn't put as much time in and I want carebear gear gime gimme gimme.

Yes. This is all about gear.
But the strange thing is a mentality.. While ganking the 20-30lvl people on Tatoine by your 50lvl toon is considered as a bad taste, ganking the Recruits in WZ by your full minmaxed WH toon is ok..

Oh noes! WWAAHHH

So it is a big problem in 50 lvl PvP.

It took me a weekend to full war BM gear my assassin... Stop complaining.

- Being fresh 50lvl you are have absolutely no fun in WZ due to the fact that you are a real burden to your team. You cant do anything usefull and only reason for you to be in WZ is to be cannon fodder (easy target) for opposing team.

- Being full geared 50Lvl you are have absolutely no fun in wz due to the fact that you are one-shotting all the Recruits..

Without one more bracket for 50lvl, PvP will degrade more and more...
No you degrade more and more!