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10.08.2012 , 04:58 PM | #5
To The Developer of Swtor you need to read this:
please on 1.5 or maybe 1.6 can u put in pod racing and make it like that we could gamble on the races and have odds on who's going to win that particular race. Make it like we can go around the swtor world and galaxy's racing on different tracks for example: Hoth can be an ice track, Taris can be a radiated jungle track etc. We can build the pods from scratch and if you win an race from any planet you can make it that we get special credit so we can buy new thing for example: New wings for our pods so we can grip better around the corners. on some tracks we can have a PVP element so we you can be one of the sand people on the Tatooine's track and shoot the pods that our actually racing. Another thing we can like put a Wipeout/Need For Speed/Gran Turismo element inside the pods so basically we can put vinyls or dragon pic to make the pod look good, power:ratio capability stuff like that but not copying there gameplay. please read this swtor developers because i ask quite a lot of people on swtor and they said it is a good idea and it will help make this brilliant game really good again, please write back to me or send a mail to me.