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Then I hate to say this but you must be EXTREMELY bad at your sentinel that or you are going against garbage teams on your commando. The reason why I say this is because my guild does a premade everyday for the pvp dailies and the sentinel I run with is always doing anywhere between 400-800k damage a WZ.
You roll premades in a regular wz? :eyeroll:

Shrug, I think I'm very good on my sentinel. I do 300-500k regularly as a solo pug. Very, very rarely do I see another sentinel out damaging or killing me. I often get 20+ killing blows as my sentinel. Record was 35 killing blows, I think.

I consistently do MORE damage on my commando. I never sneak attack a distant node as a commando, but in 4v4 fights I'm a big difference maker.

I do pretty well as my op healer too, even tho I just dinged 50 3-4 days ago. Usually heal 300-400k a game, with a high of 550k. Again, speaking as someone who PvPs quite a bit in top-level gear on other classes and therefore have a direct frame of reference... I STILL like my assault commando.
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