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Instances like that could be avoided if pugs were actually forced to complete the first set of story modes a number of times first before they could progress onto the harder content. Going a privately made pug HM op group is just as bad as the option being in group finder, so why not add it to group finder anyway and force people to complete the easier content a number of times before they progress onto the harder stuff?

This could work. A while back when someone suggested it, it seemed like a good idea.

But more recently, all of my attempts to pug a tank position in a HM Ops fell apart. The only times my HM ops have gone smoothly is when I'm with tanks I know and we pug the dps or healer spot.

I fear that if Bioware implemented HM Ops in the group finder (even with your solution above) it would result in many angry people complaining, resulting in nerfs, which imo would be worse than the angry people that are currently forced to build up a friends list to do HM Ops (or join a guild).