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Lightening can do far more if you have the option to stand still, but in most ops, especially EC and TFB you dont get that option so lightening suffers more than madness or madness hyrbid will.

I only pull 1620 on ops dummy as 1/12/28, however in raids I am out dps'ing lightening sorc by 150 or more and occassionally (but not often) Sniper/Mara depending on the fight.

Raid Buffed Stats Below

Spec - 1/12/28
(consistantly in a 5 min run on Dummy Lightening Barrage procs 19-21 times, which to me is worth it)

Bonus Damage - 955.8
Crit Chance - 38.1%
Crit Multiplier - 75.8%
Alacrity - 8.??% (its 8 something odd percent, cant remember the decimal)

Looking at classes and numbers in a vacuume top dps should be Mara then Sniper then Sorc or Merc. Not sure about Powertech. If you think about it, Sniper and Mara are only pure DPS classes anyway, so it sort of makes sense they ouput more, all 3 of their tree are dps. Where as Sorc, Merc, Operative, Jugg, BH all have option of a secondary either tanking or Healing in addition to dps.

Just throwing in extra info, I prefer Madness Sorc and Arsenal Merc because the rotation is so simple and hard to eff up. It's much less to keep track of than a sniper or mara.

It's nice to work to improve and want to be top dps, but if your guild is clearing content without struggle, and you are pulling 1250-1450 dps on Hard Mode EC/TFB (using Ask Mr Robot not Mox) than you are fine and dont need to worry too much. Sure you could do more, but that range is more than sufficient to kill bosses well before enrage.

Im sure there are people doing more, and thoe who will post saying "ZOMG YOUR DPS SUCKS* but different meters handle down time diff. Any idle time in combat using in game log loaded to ask mr robot counts against you. So if during a boss fight you have to spend 15 seconds moving or standing idle that 15 seconds is counted against your per second into it as essentually 0dps over 15 sec. Where as some other pars only calculate dps while you are physically attacking, not just in combat, which falsly inflated your dps since it essentially eliminates your downtime.

Again, if your guild is not hitting enrage, and your dps is close to or in line with others, dont worry. If in split fights you are always on the side thats behind, example zorn and toth or stormcaller firebrand, than maybe you need to work on your raid live spec/rotation.

If you are pulling 1650 in actual raids, your perfectly fine as a sorc!
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